Thrashm Exclusive: Toxic Holocaust – Awaken the Serpent

Toxic Holocaust Chemistry of Consciousness

Straight off the upcoming October 31st album by Toxic Holocaust, Chemistry of Consciousness, here is the opening track Awaken the Serpent. Tell us what you think on the forums!

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Metallica plays Kill Em All, live

Metallica plays Kill Em All live

At the Orion Music Festival, Metallica decided to confuse everyone and do something cool for the old school, and play Metal Up Your Ass (Kill Em All in laymen’s) in […]


Wreck Your Neck: Volume 1

Wreck Your Neck Volume 1

Back in December the Global Thrash Assault blog released an indy compilation with the cooperation of a staggering 26 bands. While this doesn’t constitute a full review, I did decide […]

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Mustaine shines on heckler

Could have been worse, but I think Dave handled himself pretty well considering, you know, this was a metal show.

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Steel Panther calls kid on bluff…

Pretty self explanatory. Fan asks to play guitar, gets called up on stage a la Marky Mark in Rock Star…and shreds!

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Megadeth’s Super Collider to drop in June


This just in from the Megadeth camp: New album Super Collider coming in June, and it will be released on Dave Mustaine’s new personal label, Tradecraft (weird, shitty name huh?) […]


New Gamma Ray artwork revealed

Gamma Ray

The album artwork for Gamma Ray’s forthcoming album, Master of Confusion (March 15th), has been revealed. Gorgar continues his destruction of mystical Egypt as he has been doing since 1997. […]

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Finally, science at work

Cornell has finally released a study on moshing, titled Collective Motion of Moshers at Heavy Metal Concerts. The study details the following: Human collective behavior can vary from calm to panicked […]

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Municipal Waste + Vans = Commercial


Municipal Waste were recently featured in a new Vans commercial. Now, Vans may be for hipster emo’s (okay, Dimebag wore them, so they’re kinda alright) but it’s refreshing to see […]

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Sodom’s Epitome of Torture due April


Tom & the Gang have just announced the deets on their latest album, now titled “Epitome of Torture” via press release. The album, due this April, will apparently feature 13 […]

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HAVOK – Point of No Return

Point of No Return

Modern day thrash titans HAVOK have just released their latest video for the track Point of No Return. Nothing fancy, just straight up thrash in an empty room with politically […]

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New Nokturnal Mortum in 2013

Nokturnal Mortum

Just in from Ukraine, the follow up to 2009′s classic Holos Stali will be a new 10 track album titled Istyna (The Truth) will be coming out in 2013 courtesy […]

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Ghost’s INFESTISSUMAM is coming



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We’re still here, brb

If anyone has been following, some may have thought the hurricane killed this site. It didn’t, but we’ve just been focusing on other things re-prioritizing the focus here. Consider this […]

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Cauldron – Nightbreaker (just in time for Halloween)

Happy Halloween

Toronto based heavy metal group Cauldron have released a video for their song Nightbreaker, off of their recent album Tomorrow’s Lost. The video is just in time for Halloween, and […]


Metallica & Megadeth to begin work on new albums (but not together, of course)

Hetfield & Mustaine

New ‘deth and ‘ca albums on the way? We’re in the preliminary stages, but all signs seem to be a go. Megadave has this to say, “I wanted to check […]


Annihilator re-record ‘Time Bomb’; doves cry

James Padden, please leave the hall

Apparently nothing is sacred to Jeff Waters and Annihilator any longer. Even though fans of the band continue to endure the decade of darkness due in part  to softening their […]

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Opie & Anthony interview with Peter Criss

Peter Criss

The best talk radio show doing an interview with the best rock drummer. Touching interview, worth a listen if you enjoy either.

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Nekrogoblikon, live, with a goblin

Love this dude

Nekrogolikon, is a band recently catching attention for their viral music video, probably the best metal music video ever. Seizing the momentum, the band recently did a show at LA’s […]

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Deicide on PBS fundraiser…what?

Deicide, 1988

I’m speechless. Before there was Deicide, there was Amon. And unlike Mitt Romney, they didn’t want to kill Big Bird. I don’t know what else to say.

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Bonded by Blood – Crawling in the Shadows

Bonded by Blood

Neo-re-thrashers (or whatever condescending label you’d like to apply) Bonded by Blood have released their new music video, Crawling in the Shadows, off of their recent release, The Aftermath.

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Remains of the Week: October 15-21

Remains of the Week: News that was too insignificant to make an actual post about it, so we’re going to pile it together here:   Sabbath are in the Studio […]

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Revocation review: Teratogenesis


Revocation are a four piece outfit hailing from Boston who typically play a blend of thrash and extreme progressive metal with notable technical proficiency. Teratogenesis is, thanks to ScionAV, a […]

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One Man Metal: Part 2

One Man Metal

Noisey’s documentary continues in the latest installment. If you haven’t caught first, it’s absolutely worth checking out.

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Wormhole on hiatus


This one comes as a major bummer. Wormhole, fronted by ex-Bonded by Blood vocalist Jose Barrales along with fellow-former bassist Jerry Garcia were due to have their first live show […]

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I want to focus on two things…


I don’t want to make it a habit of spreading bad music, but that personal rule is mainly tempered against the exposure of false metal. This is not the case. […]

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No karate in the pit

Thankfully, I avoid hardcore and similar non-metal shows like the plague. But if this shit still happens (I saw it at a Maiden show once, go figure)…another reason to cut […]

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Wintersun review: Time I


Wintersun, the one-time project of Jari Mäenpää (ex-Ensiferum) following his departure from the eponymous Finnish folk metal band, has always been viewed as a classic release amongst fans. I, for […]


Phil Anselmo extreme metal album in early 2013

Anselmo solo in the works

Well this one came as a shock. Phil Anselmo, frontman for Down (of Pantera fame, of course) will be releasing a solo effort in early 2013. In a recent issue […]


Revocation – The Grip Tightens

Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 2.31.20 PM

This one really caught me by surprise. One of the funniest, and best concepts I’ve seen for a music video in a while. The video features the band all retired […]